How to make a bullion in 19 easy steps
Step 1

Make a slip loop by placing the end of the yarn over the working yarn.
Step 2

Grasp yarns where they cross and don't let go until you have at least two bullions on the ring. This will secure the ring so you can let go and it won't unravel.
Step 3

With your hook already in the loop, yarn over, draw back through slip loop. Remember not to let go of the crossover yet. Chain three.
Step 4

Wrap yarn, as many times as desired, loosely over hook from back to front.

*While learning, start with fewer wraps, 4-5. This will make it easier to pull through.
Step 5

Insert hook back into slip loop.
Step 6

Yarn over and pull back through slip loop.
Step 7

Gently pull yarn over through all but last loop on hook.

*I hold the loops gently between my thumb and ring finger to secure them while teasing the hook slowly through. You can use whatever method is comfortable for you. Now I know I said not to let go of the crossover yet, but if you want to hold the loops with two fingers, you'll have to. If you study how the slip loop is constructed, you;ll see that the yarn end falls to the left side of the loop. When you next insert your hook into the loop, make certain the end is still to the left and you'll be okay.

NOTE: If you cannot manage to slip the yarn over through all the loops in one motion, you can pick each loop over it with your fingers. It will take longer this way but it's just as effective.
Step 8

You will now have two loops on your hook, one from the chain three and one from your bullion.
Step 9

Yarn over and draw through both loops on hook. You can adjust the length of the bullion by tugging it gently lengthwise.
Step 10

You have just completed your first bullion stitch!
Step 11

Continue to add bullions to your ring.
Step 12

Two bullions on the ring.
Step 13

Stop when you have eight or nine bullions completed.
Step 14

To close your bullion ring, turn it over so you can see the stitches underneath.
Step 15

Insert your hook into the third (top) chain of your starting chain three.
Step 16

Yarn over.
Step 17

Draw through. There should be one loop on hook.
Step 18

Turn bullion over and tug on yarn end to close the hole in the center.
Step 19

Cut yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing your bullion circle to your scrumble, and tie off.

Congratulations! You've made a bullion circle!
Created by Claudia Dunitz. Full version available at: Typepad/Heal_My_Life
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